4 Things To Know When Learning Guitar – Adunbeetalks

4 Things To Know When Learning Guitar – Adunbeetalks

Sometimes learning a new thing can be challenging. Fun, but challenging. Then it’s great to get some tips you can have in the back of your mind as you learn new those things or just in life in general.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

Here are some tips I have learned as a guitar player (and as a person) over the years, that I wish somebody would have told be when I started out! YAY!!

Think happy. Be happy! Have a wonderful day!!

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Thank you for watching!! ROCK ON!!!! \,,/

As always; there are some bloopers at the end of the video (some in the actual video as well, but hey! I don’t speak english that often, so some mistakes are just.. charming..(?) Yeah.. YEAH! YAY!!)

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hi hi when I started playing guitar eight years ago and there are some things that I wish I had known from the beginning that doesn’t necessarily like that doesn’t it directly involve the actual playing of the guitar it’s more like in a mindset or so so here are four things I wish I had known about from the beginning of my guitar playing time number one practice what you like if you don’t like tapping or sweeping or certain techniques or certain like you don’t like country or jazz or metal or so you don’t have to practice anything and just practice what you like and you you’re not a bad get our player if if you don’t know how to play country or you don’t know how to sweep or tap or so you’re not a bad guitar player if you don’t know everything about everything so don’t be too concerned about yet practicing all there is to practice just practice what you like number two and don’t be too concerned if you practice for shorter periods of time meaning that if you if you practice one hour a day instead of six hours a day don’t think that that one hour is bad and I think it’s better actually to play shorter and like periods or so instead of practicing for hours and hours and hours because in the end of a six hour session you are just tired and focused and yeah I can’t I can practice that long I couldn’t from the beginning and I can’t mouth I just I don’t see the point and I don’t like to sit down and do the same things for six hours so that one hour is not a bad hour because you are focused you are motivated and you know what you want out of that hour so just don’t be concerned if you don’t practice the longest just practice focus and yeah number three and instead of googling exercises for every technique you want to learn and you can just make your own instead of googling if you want to learn string skipping or so you can like if you know a riff that has a string skipping you can just practice that or you can make your own out of the riffs you already know and for examples we child of mine that’s the riff in suis chalie mine and that has string skipping in it originally so you don’t have to like make your own out of the ideas that comes from a song and but you can practice that instead of googling like string skipping exercises because when you when you google exercises they’re most likely out of our melodic context and so that if you use a riff that are from songs that actually exist and you get it in a melodic setting so you easily can like modify it to fit into either your own solos or you you understand it better and then just playing it as you found it and originally the switch our main riff may be easy for people who have played guitar for a longer period of time for example a few years or I don’t know so if you find it easy you can always modify them a for example by doubling each note so to make it more challenging and you see yourself you’re still doing the riff you always have done and yeah it’s it’s a good exercise and you don’t have to you don’t have to Google everything try to do some things on your own number four and this is probably the most important thing m and it can be like it can it can be your mindset to whatever you are doing in your life just just have fun with it don’t be too concerned about being the best about it being a competition between you and everyone else and yeah just just have fun and don’t don’t make it too serious and yeah don’t be afraid of people judging you or thinking you you are playing the wrong notes or not good enough or something just have fun with it just keep doing what you love and yeah so that’s something I wish I had been more aware of a earlier when I started playing guitar and simply because for me personally these four things not only makes it more like I can make my own things on guitar and not everybody else knows what to do I can oh I can sometimes know what to do as well but it also makes me judge myself less so it’s not it’s not a competition and it’s okay not to be the best and it’s okay just to play for the sake of having fun and it doesn’t always have to be like oh my god I’m going to be the best and I’m gonna play the fastest or the most difficult things or so it’s just about having fun being happy and yeah so yeah if you have any questions or any suggestions for any lessons I can make on it are on this channel just leave them in the comments down below on or on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and yeah sounded like a string skipping don’t necessarily wear of pretty early in my guitar practicing days..

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  1. Hello,

    First of all ! English is ok as you speak ! Don`t need to be perfect i just wish all the native english people have to learn ROMANIAN or NORVEGIAN 😀

    Second ! If i don`t ask too much teach us some beginner example ! Just how to train ourself.

  2. Great advice for people who are insecure, have low motivation and low ambition and generally want to achieve success without giving it much effort.


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