5 Things They Never Told You About Learning Guitar And How To Navigate Them

5 Things They Never Told You About Learning Guitar And How To Navigate Them

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rosser’s Erich andreas your guitar sage here to discuss with you the five things that they never told you about guitar and how to navigate them so what I mean by this about the five things they never told you about guitars the five things that they never told you that you would experience when you’re learning how to play guitar and not knowing these ahead of time it seems to be the kiss of death for musicians for guitar players who are starting off because if they don’t know these things ahead of time and then they run into them they are the things that make guitar players stop so let’s talk about them right so in no particular order here they arm and just go down but we’re gonna we’re gonna 30,000 foot view then we’re gonna drill down okay so your fingertips are gonna hurt your muscles are going to get sore where you’re where you’re playing you will get frustrated you will want to quit and you will think that you’re not cut out for guitar okay so let’s talk about this because even though you might go yeah yeah yeah yeah I know those listen to me and listen to what I’m saying in here I’m not just talking to talk this is stuff that’s gonna help you now when you’re just starting to play guitar obviously you’re doing something that you’ve never done before right and you’re putting your hands and positions that have never really been in these positions for extended periods of times and doing things that you haven’t done before okay so why would we expect a one year old to hop on a minibike and to jump and do ramps and everything else right that would be ridiculous right well you can’t expect yourself to go through this playing guitar bit just right off the bat and and just expect your hands to work and everything to be just be perfect it just doesn’t work that way you’ve never done this before neither is the one year old on the minibike right he’s gonna fall over you put the kid on a tricycle at about three or two right so number one when you’re playing in your in your playing properly like I teach in my courses where you’re playing on your fingertips you’ve got that thumb behind the back of the neck and all that good stuff if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll put a link in the description of this video but basically the first 30 videos that you ever would need to watch in order to become a great guitar player these top 30 videos the first 30 videos I cover this I’m on how to finger the guitar and how to get your chords sounding right and all the rest nonetheless when you’re doing that okay when you’re doing that you’re putting a lot of pressure I should say you’re putting pressure on your fingers it’s not a lot but it’s a lot for your fingertips for what you are used to doing okay so when you’re pressing down you know I don’t know a few pounds of pressure but in the beginning your technique is poor just as for everybody because you’ve never done this before like expecting you to be able to speak some other language that you don’t speak and just because you’re smart you think you’re just gonna do it no you got to learn the dip the bits and pieces right so your fingertips are going to hurt they’re just going to if you’re doing this if you’re playing at all practicing at all nylon string guitars are a little bit softer on the fingers but ultimately unless you’re playing classical guitar you want to play a nylon a steel string guitar they’re louder and it’s typically the sound that you’re going for unless you’re doing flamenco classical Spanish that sort of thing so fingertips 100% are going to hurt how do you fix this well some people will talk about soaking their their fingers in salt water and that sort of thing I don’t believe that that would probably work but nonetheless everybody has their own little thing that they do and if it’s a placebo bit and it works then that’s good too but nonetheless the way to get through this that I found this true is to just take a break while your fingers are hurting and then come back to it okay it would be the equivalent to you going to the gym working out really hard your muscles are gonna hurt okay get used to it it’s gonna happen if you want to play guitar it’s gonna happen same thing with number two here where your muscles are gonna hurt you’re doing this okay look at my hand here if I do this you can see just from moving my fingers here you could see these muscles moving so you’ve got muscles and tendons and nerves and everything going up and down your hands okay I just did a recent video with one of my students who after about five years developed tendinitis because he was playing on a guitar that where the action was way too high and he was he had developed some bad habits great guy great player all the rest but you didn’t he’s kind of a rebel in his thinking and sometimes I would say don’t do that do this he got I got my own way well he developed tendonitis not so much from what I didn’t say or what I did say to him but but partially but also his guitar was set up incorrectly he was playing a certain way so besides that you are going to get muscle pain okay and if you’re not using proper technique over time that muscle pain can develop into other things that are not so good like tendonitis and carpal tunnel and that sort of thing it’s pretty rare and I have a video coming out on that but nonetheless your muscles are going to hurt okay you’re going to the gym if you will that would be ridiculous for you to think you could go to the gym and all of a sudden your muscles aren’t going to hurt okay so understand that it’s gonna happen you’re going to get frustrated why would you get frustrated guitar so fun it is fun but what happens is when you see players who are doing better than you and you want to do that then you it seems like it’s very simple I just got to do this and I got to throw my arm around and everything else well no it’s not about that there are very subtle movements and there’s a lot of stuff that you’re not seeing but in the beginning as a new guitar player we don’t know this and it just seems like what should be easier that guy looks like me or he’s younger than me or he’s not as strong as me or whatever all the the the dialogue that we use don’t listen to that it’s you’re gonna get frustrated okay when you’re playing because you’re learning something so the best thing to do there is as I say all the time slow and steady wins the race concentrate on accuracy as opposed to speed meditate in your guitar marinate in it that means take your time with this you’re just trying to just come out of the gate and just be a superstar guitar player that’s fine and dandy it’s a great beautiful fantasy and we all love it hey congratulations for you but realistically that kind of thinking doesn’t make a great guitar player great guitar players that guy or that girl who gets in their room and practices for hours and hours and hours and isn’t afraid of hard work if you think it’s just gonna happen overnight it’s not and if that’s what you’re looking for I’d say don’t even play guitar because it’s not like that okay it can be easier I mean that’s why I write books and I create courses and what have you because if you know bits and pieces then yes you will be able to do this you will become a better guitar player but to think that it’s gonna happen overnight and you’re not gonna get frustrated doesn’t happen happens to the best of them and you’ll hear stories from some of the best guitar players about days where they thought they were just gonna give up throw the guitar whatever I mean I’ve thrown more than one guitar in my life and I’m not an angry person okay but you just get frustrated that was earlier on in my in my life okay you will want to quit you’ll want to quit because what happens is you get you you hit these plateaus when you’re playing and you’ll say well gosh I used to see progress but now I’m not seeing it anymore and this is this is it I’m done this is no more for me and I get I get emails from folks like this all the time listen it’s about the long race it’s about the marathon okay so if you’re not feeling it one day that’s okay maybe don’t play that day or if you are looking for pro status if you’re looking to be a pro guitar player then if you don’t feel like doing something that day you need to do it anyhow you’re a pro you’re professional so professionals they get up and they do what it is that they don’t want to do sometimes because they’re making money and that’s their job so with that being said you’re gonna want to quit there’s been times where I’ve wanted to quit but there’s something that keeps drawing me back to it and I’ve heard this from many many many other guitar players okay you’ll feel like you’re not cut out okay I have a video here in my programs I believe it’s in the free one as well your guitar sage calm slash 30 the link for that’s below if it’s not it’s a few videos after that but I have a video here on as well it’s called talent versus practice and it’s a similar vibe where basically there’s this notion that one and even when I say it some of you are gonna be like yeah that’s totally logical well it’s not true when one thinks that you need talent to be good at something or to believe that you’re cutout or yada yadi a bunch of other excuses that people use for anything when they can’t do something okay I’m telling you if you want the truth come to me I’m gonna tell you the truth and you’re not gonna like me for it sometimes that’s okay I’m willing to lose a lot of subscribers to just be honest and to just say look it’s not about talent talent is a is a word that people use to define really hours and days and weeks and months and years of hard practice I’ve never known anybody in a history of ever who’s been good at anything without hard work I’ve never known it otherwise you would see babies coming out of the womb playing guitar it would just be talent they would be born with it right maybe it’s mabeline they’d be born with it they come out you hand my guitar and they be able to play it but alas this doesn’t happen you gotta learn to balance hold your head up use muscles use your thumbs eat poop all the rest and eventually you become a great guitar player by watching my lessons okay so so this this idea of feeling cut out or am I too old or am I too young or my to my hands too small or my hands too big it’s my guitar this or that or the other thing forget all that stop letting that dialog be in your head get it out of your head save yourself run to the light seriously get all that stuff out of your head you will only be as good of a guitar player as you practice and you’re practicing the right stuff okay so are you cut out for guitar I don’t know do you have a head because you don’t even need arms there’s guys on on you can find here a gentleman who was born without arms there’s several people like this no arms and they’re playing guitar they’re blind they’re playing guitar they’re deaf they’re playing guitar okay so if anybody’s not cut out for guitar it’s the guy with no arms so you don’t have an excuse if you want to play guitar you’re cut out for it all right there’s the pep talk there’s the scolding we’re friends right I love you I want you to succeed but I got to be honest with you okay so this idea of feeling cut out don’t worry about it talent talent is a myth are you with me below I know you will anyhow watch that video talent versus practice and and that’s going to help you out at that time all right my friends hey I’m here to help you leave your comments below thumbs up all that good stuff I’m on Facebook Twitter all those places would love to help you out there and below there’s a link you’re gonna see it says your guitar sage calm slash 30 I’ve made this course for you I’ve made this for folks all around the world because I got so many questions and I love giving stuff away I love helping people I love bringing people to play guitar and showing them hope and getting them to play guitar and loving it all the while so that free course below your guitar sage calm slash 30 is the top 30 lessons that I’ve taught all my students for the last over 30 years here so if you came to visit me here in Nashville it’s the exact order that we would take step by step you can’t mess up if you do it and you will be well on your way to playing songs by the end of that 30th video if you need more I’ve got more for you I’m here for you so please let me know how I can help my friends as always be kind to all beings don’t trust the man and I’ll see you in the next video oh practice your guitar ..

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Comment (9)

  1. Great video as always, love the tutorials! I picked up guitar for the first time 2 yrs ago and I can play the intro to stairway to heaven so far, I know its not much but I am determined to get better. your videos helped me a lot, thanks !

  2. Thank you for teaching and setting up this channel. I just started to learn to play and the frustration levels are high. But you just solved that problem. I’m going to go check out your 30 lessons next. Cheers! Don’t trust the woman! 😀

  3. Erich, great lesson !! I have felt like quitting several times, at 64 and only been playing a little over a year, I realized that I have a long way to go. I try not to let the Beatles song, when I’m 64, hold me back, lol. I am working on barre chords, not great but getting clearer all the time. You are so right, it’s about practice, practice and practice. Like anything in this life the more you do it the better you get !! Thank you so much for your kind spirit and the hard work that you put in to each lesson !!

  4. I’ll never quit but I do like your lessons, it’s very encouraging keep on making them videos and I’ll keep on learning

  5. I personally think that talent actually is the natural “intelligence” or “facilities” that people have for certain tasks, so some will learn or take things faster than others, and that’s ok, we cannot pretend to be good at everything and have to accept that there are others better than us, but we also have to take into account that just at it is said practice makes perfect, so finally if you are dedicated enough to do something you could even get better than those who have “talent” and even if you just reach the same point that them but with a lot more effort, don’t be jealous, what really matters most of the time is the path we have taken to reach our goals and if it is easy, Life wouldn’t be as fun and beautiful as it is. Be brave enough to reach your goals with effort is what actually worths at least for me. I hope I made me understand. Thanks for the advices 😉


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