Ac/Dc, Queen, White Stripes, Super Easy Beginner Guitar Riffs On One String

Ac/Dc, Queen, White Stripes, Super Easy Beginner Guitar Riffs On One String

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hey what’s up you guys Marty Schwartz here with Marty music really appreciate you coming here and hanging out at my channel gonna break down basically a lesson like the first lesson I wish someone had taught me when I walked into a music store playing really recognizable iconic little riffs just on one string you know keeping it very simple to just get you started I feel like the sooner you learn little recognizable things the more rewarding it is so let’s zoom in and have some fun I’m using what’s called overdrive that gives you a distortion sound a lot of amps come with it I’m using a pedal it sounds like this we have this top string here that’s what we’re going to be using we have these frets here and we just are gonna number them so when I play the open string hopefully with a pick if you got one that’s zero and I’m just gonna say oh oh and then you have one and two and three and four and five and so forth so on you get up to the double dots and that’s the twelfth the second dot is your fifth so the dots are just there to help kind of mark what you’re starting to learn so the first thing we’re gonna do is just a little riff from dirty deeds done dirt cheap and it’s gonna be O and then we’re gonna use our hopefully index finger on the third fret and play three so then we’re gonna go up to fifth fret five just like that this is officially the way they played it but this is getting you going getting your hands on the guitar starts over all right so that’s your first riff the next one is ac/dc as well and it’s TNT I used to teach us to beginner students all the time on one string here we go it’s gonna be O and then we’re gonna go 3/5 and if you can use your index and ring finger that is awesome if you’re like just straight out beginning you could do one finger just to play it right but eventually you’re gonna use two fingers together and then and it starts over then the next part of that very very easy because I’m fine okay so the next one is smoke on the water and they don’t actually play it right here on the guitar but we’re gonna just stay in that same zone just to play something recognizable so this is more to learn guitar than to play it a hundred percent accurate so we’re gonna go like this that’s gonna be six five and you can slide that finger back again all right so that’s that one another one another one bites the dust by Queen oh oh oh oh 305 check that out then it does a quick little v 3o 3o five five three all right so that’s that one next we’re gonna climb up here and we’re gonna play on one string again seven nation army by White Stripes I’m gonna start on the twelfth fret those double dots that I mentioned earlier that’s 12 the next dot up from the twelfth is the 15th so we’re gonna hit 12 two times then back to 12 so you can do it all in one finger but if you have this finger playing it back you can go so 12 12 15 12 10 so you go one two frets down so watch again then we go another two steps down and that would be the 8th fret then you go out one fret down from there and it starts similar right when it gets to that eight it goes back up to ten back to eight and seven watch then almost the same thing for extra credit all right got one more for you this is the one of the most popular ones from when I was in like you know dudes we’re learning guitar in middle school for me and it’s Iron Man by Black Sabbath we’re gonna just do it on one string again we’re gonna start on the seventh fret then were you up to the tenth fret then 10 again 10 12 12 and this is something getting a little more advanced we’re gonna put our middle finger on that 15th fret that out first thought up from the double dots and then our index finger below it here on the 14th fret and we’re gonna go 1414 P so that one can stay planted and we go and that’s my face so the next step once you start getting stuff like that yeah there’s a thing called a power chord and so wherever your first finger was you put your ring finger 1 2 frets up on the next string over and you just played both those strings together I don’t want you to do it yet but then you start to get actually the real way they play it there’s just one thing to add get out there and rock all right there was hope you had fun you know just be patient in the beginning but learning little riffs like this on one string I think is crucial so get out there Rock rock some socks off and thanks for supporting Marty music we’ll see you later ..

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  1. Wish somebody had done this when I was first learning. This is great for all the folks that got their first guitar for Christmas.

  2. Easy beginner songs- Master of Puppets Throuh the Fire and Flames-Eruption Cliffs of Dover – Theese are some of the easiest guitar songs out there.


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