Beginner Guitar Tips #1 And #2! I Screwed Up, So You Don’t Have To!

Beginner Guitar Tips #1 And #2! I Screwed Up, So You Don’T Have To!

I will be posting some of the tips I wish people would have told me when I started playing!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

I absolutely love the guitar and Im hoping that by learning from my mistakes it will lower the frustration and keep you PLAYING!

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hey guys I have been asked a lot of questions about playing guitar lately because most of you know that I literally started not very long ago I started playing guitar just well it’s been a it’s been over two years now but the first solid nine months I screwed off a lot so I really do anything I did take lessons I started in lessons which was really good but I and I’m in no position to teach anyone how to play guitar but what I can teach you what I think that I have the ability to teach you is the I wish I would have known this stuff I wish I would’ve known that I didn’t know which would have made this whole process easier for me so if you kind of can take the mistakes that I made learning it will help you learn learn better so with that here here we go so one of the one of the first things I would say is know what you want to learn like do you want to do you want to learn all the sweet skills and like learn all the scales and learn music theory or do you just want to sit around and impress some hot chick and a campfire because that is two totally different things um I want till do all of that personally but I didn’t get that opportunity when I started I really just wanted to start with songs and then and then get everything else but the problem for me it’s not a problem is that the music exploded so fast that I literally had to play catch up I had to learn songs which is okay but but what you want to learn know that before you go into lessons because it’s helpful for your teacher and it’s gonna help you not waste money on lessons not that they’re away somebody but to waste money on lessons that aren’t what you want like if you don’t care about the all the you know whatever then then then you don’t need to learn it I mean I hate to be the one to tell you but it I don’t think it’s necessary you want to learn to sit at a campfire and play four chords too you know you learn four to six chords you can play hundreds of songs that people know so there’s no reason to spend the time if that’s not what you’re looking for so figure that out numero uno number two don’t pick a song just cuz you like it to start with that’s the dumbest mistake I made that is the best tip number two that I can give you is pick some brainless easy pick brown eyed girl everyone oh I don’t want to learn that because I get Reno’s in every place it yeah there’s a reason everyone knows that they’ll sing along so if you screw up nobody know it sister sing along but also the chord progression is just a repetition repetition repetition so you liked and learned four chords and just play those repeatedly and then and then you’re good you could play the song what I did mistake I learned everything backwards so all the things that I swear I learned everything backwards most people they told me when I started it’s really hard to play guitar and sing at the same time but for me this is super personally to me I I couldn’t if I couldn’t sing it I could not play it so the only way I could play a song is if I learned to sing it and then play it so that’s not normal he’s like how you can play the thing I have to play sing now I can play without singing but I couldn’t so what I did was I pick strawberry wine cuz I love to sing it but what I didn’t know is the the fur on this drum pattern it’s different and then the chord progression a lot of the songs that I write are gonna be four chords repeating just because it’s simple and you don’t need more than that strawberry wine is a da da da da da e and then there’s like a pre chorus which is a DAT and then you go under the chorus which is a whole different pattern and then the break in between it’s just for one a ton of chords and the pattern is not even there is a rhyme or reason to a bit but when you begin that there’s not so that was my first song big fat mistake can i play now yes and it made everything else I learned after easier but it was very frustrating and it took me a lot longer to learn how to play a whole song pick something simple pick something that’s an easy four chord and if you want I can make a list you guys asked me for a list of songs I think are really good to start with I can do that and and I can even give you the chord progressions of what I learned you know so to make it really simple and that way cuz you’re gonna feel so accomplished when you can when you complete a song you know that’s when you’re like this I love this I can play the whole song and I can sing it and I can play it and I can impress that chick at the campfire or they do to the campfire whatever and it’s so accomplishing feeling you know and I it took me three times longer to get that and if I wasn’t so driven to learn it I would have been frustrated and quit so there’s my first two tips mistakes that I made when when learning to play and if you guys are interested in this leave comments like the video and I will make more videos like this if this is something guys are interested in I’m definitely willing to put out that I definitely can’t teach you how to play guitar I can teach you what I know which is not a lot but I can tell you what I did to screw up and then that will make your guys’s guitar playing hopefully faster easier and fun so you don’t you don’t you don’t quit and I get frustrated basically so thank you guys so much for tuning in I subscribe to the channel wherever that little button goes on here and and keep the car the video a thumbs up if you if you’re diggin it and tell your friends thank you so much have a good day guys..

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  1. Interesting. What is funny, is that it really got you interested in playing and singing. Jimmy Hendrix started off by reversing the strings on his guitar before play the electric guitar. He had to convince Strat to put the string in backwards for a left handed electric guitar player. They did it because it was a novel idea. I learned by playing Ode to Joy to help a friend learn to play. I graduated to singing Beatles Songs then Rock & Roll. My friends and I would learn something then try to out do one another.
    It all boils down to dedication and determination and skill and talent wouldn’t hurt either. LOL 🙂 did you ask George S. about what got him started?

  2. I really enjoyed this video I think more of these videos could be a lot of fun.
    I am impressed that you have the talent you do when it comes to playing in my opinion you didn’t really screw up they were learning experiences without them you wouldn’t be as talented as you are now


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