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What Is The Biggest Challenge To Learn To Play Guitar Later In Life?

One of the biggest challenge is to make up time for practice and theory. Family commitments, work stress, other personal obligations take up most of the 24 hours and what we are left with is hardly 6 to 7 hours, which you need to sleep! Secondly an adult mind is full of garbage. Many things […]

What Are Those Mistakes That One Should Avoid When Starting To Learn The Guitar By Themselves?

I’m going to answer this question as I have learnt playing guitar on my own. It has been almost 8 years since I picked up my guitar for the first time. I will share some of the basic problems I faced in the very beginning and what I did to overcome those obstacles. Learning the […]

Is It A Bad Habit To Play Bass Guitar With A Plectrum?

Do you exclusively play with a pick? Then you’re only restricting the number of techniques of playing the bass that you can employ. Does that make it a bad habit? Probably not. It’s a lot like cooking. It’s okay to learn one and only one cuisine, or to use only one kind of spices, but […]

Are Piano And Guitar Chords Usually The Same For A Song For Solo Artists?

Define Same. On a piano for instance all C major chords in root position (1 3 5) starting on middle C are the same three notes C E G: now on a guitar there can be a variety that the piano cannot achieve, namely, that though you could play the same C E G, you […]

What Are Some Great Hacks For Guitar Beginner?

Here are some guitar hacks for you Key #1: PRACTICE IN STRESSFUL CONDITIONS Key #1: PRACTICE IN STRESSFUL CONDITIONS When I played in my high school jazz band, we played a Christmas recital outside with snow coming down. I was out there three hours before for set up and rehearsal. My fingers were freezing, but […]

How Do You Gain Finger Strength To Use Bar Chords On The Guitar?

There are exercises which are effective, and practice will make your tendons and muscles progressively stronger, as many answers pointed out. Also, aware and careful practice will give your hand flexibility, allowing for the right angles. Meaning that whatever pressure you are exerting will go right where it needs to go, not somewhere else. Meaning […]

Why Dont Any Of The Guitars I Played At A Guitar Store Feel Good To Play?

No it isn’t you. I feel that way too. The number one culprit is poor setup from the factory. Intonation issues, string height, truss rod, etc are usually all out of whack. Even high end makers like PRS and Gibson who are focused on quality. These instruments are shipped from the factory all the way […]

What Are The Best Guitar Riffs Tunes For Acoustic Guitar?

There are hundreds of great strum and rhythm songs, but I’ve picked some that have a bit of fingering/picking, but are still easy to master. Disclaimer: No song in my list written after 1989. THE BEST: – Here Comes the Sun: Capo 7th fret, play around the D figure: It generally follows the vocal, so […]

What Is The Easiest Beatles Song To Play On Guitar?

Yellow Submarine and Octopus’s Garden feature very simple chords compared to other songs. While the arpeggiated guitar part Harrison plays on Octopus’s Garden is pretty tricky, it is NOT tricky to simply strum the chords of that song as backup for someone singing it. In addition, both of those songs are songs Ringo sang, and […]

How Much Does Practicing Help One Learn To Play The Guitar?

Understand the skill you are practicing: You need to know what your fingers are supposed to do, and why: For example, if you’re working to improve your speed at changing between two chords, your fingers should all be “landing” on the second chord at the same time, and they should be moving as little as […]