Common Beginner Problems And What To Expect When Learning Guitar Chords

Common Beginner Problems And What To Expect When Learning Guitar Chords

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hi guys is he in and this is the introduction video to basic chords basic chords which you play a lot when playing guitar alright um so as part of the introduction I’m just going to explain some of the things that us beginners can and will it’s no will experience when you’re trying to learn chords and I find it’s better that you know upfront what to expect rather than to go through the whole process and think I’ll learn it so hard are and you know give up get frustrated so just as a quick introduction one of the things that you can expect when you’re starting to try and form qualities that you’re going to suck at it all right you’re going to try and press the chords and what’s going to happen is you’re not going to press them hard enough and you you’re gonna get crappy sounding known chords and you’re not going to be able to strum properly and that’s all normal alright that’s all part of the learning process and it’s all part of of teaching your body to adapt to the positioning of your hand and and the coordination between your left and right hand it’s all normal it’s it’s something which you only get better with practice and for me what happened was I used to just do it and one day somehow things just started going smoothly automatically and that’s when your body has sort of adapted to the you know your muscles and your everything have adapted to playing the guitar so it’s just a matter of practice and one trying to say is don’t give up just stick to it and keep on trying okay now what I like to try and do is I like to try and make things fun and enjoyable because you know people don’t play guitar because they want to play songs so I try to you include and use songs as the main basis for my lessons but in this introduction I’m just here to explain to you all the painful things you can expect while you are starting off and while you’re trying to the basic chords okay so another thing that you can expect is painful fingers these strings are made of metal if you have an acoustic guitar which is what this is you may find that after a while the tips of your fingers are going to be very salt and this is normal as well what you need to do is not to keep playing to your fingers bleed if they’re sore and you can’t play now stop for a day or so just let them recover and what will happen is over time you’re going to build like calluses or fix skin over the tips of your fingers and this will help you actually apply better pressure to the strings so you’re getting cleaner tongue okay so with that that’s the introduction to basic chords now if you in the next few videos I’m going to show you how to play each chords how to place your fingers and the goal that you should be aiming for is to be able to do a basic strum while forming the chord well alright so that’s the thing you should be aiming for to be able to form the code correct and to do it strong so that it sounds okay once you have mastered that and once you are able to do that the next thing we will do is we will introduce some basic strumming and we will try and get you started with playing multiple points one after the other all right so some rhythm and to get you to change quarter so just using one chord alright so with that you know what to expect you know don’t give up on the first few charts just remember everyone started out as a beginner so don’t get frustrated and I wish you all the best and please do persevere and yeah we’ll get on to the rest of lessons so thanks for watching and stay tuned..

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  1. Thanks a lot for this! Just had my first guitar lesson and I had a terrible difficulty to play a single A chord. Good to see this is expected somehow 😉


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