Guitar Pro 6 Tutorial For Beginner Guitar Students – Part 2.

Guitar Pro 6 Tutorial For Beginner Guitar Students – Part 2.

Guitar Pro 6 is an awesome tool for guitarists. Most beginner guitar students find all of the functions of GP6 intimidating at first, so this tutorial is meant to show beginners the most useful features they’ll be using to help them learn the guitar.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

This lesson is very basic, so if you’re experienced with GP6 already, you’ll find this video too simple. But if you’re a beginner, you’ll get a good overview of this awesome guitar software.

Text version:

as a beginner and what I’ll do first is I’ll open of the Johnny Cash tablature file and you’ll see that Guitar Pro 6 can now handle more than one open tab file at the same time so that’s pretty cool so you can see that this song actually has the chords encoded hard coded into it now this song yeah this tablature file was probably done in a different previous version of Guitar Pro that’s why the chords aren’t showing up here but if they were done in Guitar Pro 6 then they would be shown here as well but it doesn’t really matter since you can see the chords on top of the music sheet right here and also where you have to start fingering the given chord you can see it and on the music sheet as well so let’s have a look at your basic settings and first you’ll want to go to sound and make sure countdown is checked so if it’s not checked like this then you want to check it and what this does it gives you a rhythmic countdown before the song starts so if you press play you’ll hear that countdown also if you’re into a song somewhere let’s say at bar 12 you press play you’ll still hear to count down so you’ll have enough time to you know get grab your guitar also you will want to go to view and enable the instrument panel which is pretty cool what it does it gives you a virtual fretboard of what you’ll be needing to fret so if you have it set to show beat + bar it’ll actually show you all the notes you own you’ll be fretting in that given bar so you’ll be able to be able to prepare and actually I want to show you this on solo for example this Guns and Roses sweet child of mine so low and this is where you can see how useful this will come and you can actually tell what scale is being played or what RKO is being played by having guitar fo sho all the all the notes in that given bar so it’s positive let’s head over to the tools menu and the digital tuner this is a digital tuner that’s pretty useful if you don’t have one for your guitar hardware live one that you can use this it’s pretty accurate also if you press a on your keyboard your chord diagram screen comes up and you can get the fingerings and different voicings for every single chord you can imagine also you can filter them by complexity so if you can set it to simple medium or complex if you’re a very beginner than just set it’s as simple or maybe medium you can see that for C major simple already has eight voicings if you said it’s medium we have loads and if you set it to complex that you have we are loads more so just stick with a simpler medium okay another very useful feature which I’ll show you on the Johnny Cash song is the metronome which you can enable by pressing this little quick link button right here or you can enable it in the sound menu and metronome so if it’s check the metronome will be on and what this does if there’s no backing sorry if there’s no drums track on the song so if it’s just Johnny Cash’s guitar playing in this instance you can enable the metronome press play and after the countdown you’ll still still hear the metronome so this is good if you have trouble keeping a sense of rhythm if you’re learning strumming it really comes in handy now I just want to show you a couple of really useful things for learning songs for this I turn the metronome and the countdown off and switch over to the sweet child o mine song and let’s say you want to learn the first two bars of slashes intro solo you can actually highlight this by dragging left click and drag just like you would any normal document and you can press this button and then I build a simple loop and they’ll actually the first two bars or whatever you add highlighted now that was an infinite loop you can also tell the Attar Pro to decrease the the beats per minute of that give the highlighted part of the song by pressing this button and I let’s say 90 apply and okay and if you press play you can hear that the tempo is much slower there’s another very useful feature I’ll just set this back to the original 127 real quick and another very useful feature of Guitar Pro for learning songs or solos or anything you want is the speed trainer which allows you to you can access it by pressing this button again and instead of simple loop it just has to be trainer while having something highlighted and what it’ll do it’ll still play the highlighted part of the song in loops but it’ll start off at 50 percent of the beats per minute set so that will be 60 3.5 beats per minute and it’ll with each loop it’ll increase the tempo of the song in 10% increments you can actually change all of the all of this you can shrimp with the slower you can actually have it playing faster than the original tempo so let’s just press ok and as you can hear just is really slowly this is be playing at a half of this so 63 45 beats per minute now this time around it’s 10% faster it’ll calculate how fast that is now it’s another 10% faster so that’s really useful for for increasing your speed your plucking speed and just really improving your technique and also I don’t know if you noticed but you can use these guitar profiles of backing tracks so let’s say you want to play along has a slash but I’ll just go to bar 8 where the other people are playing already or the band is playing already and just press play and most not working with the volume is set a bit higher and you hear slash a bit too much to play use it as a backing track well you know just set his volume level down lower you can still study hear him so you’ll know what to play and obviously you can see the tablature as well but you have all the other tracks playing as well so this is a really good way of using these guitar profiles backing tracks as well one more thing I want to show you especially if you want to use these files backing tracks how you can export the sound given by a guitar pro just press file export and as a WAV file this is an uncompressed audio file just like you would find on a normal audio CD the file size will be slightly larger but you can actually upload this format to your i. Pod for example and it’ll play if you want to convert the WAV file to an mp3 afterwards then you can do that as well and you know since you’re exporting the audio you can also export the tablature as well go to export you can export it as a PDF document as a PNG and you know you can save it as a picture or you can actually print this by pressing print and you’ll have the music sheets with you wherever you go and for the last part of this tutorial I’ll just show you how to get these tab files and download them from basically any site so I’m whole bunch of sites or you can download these guitar profiles from so let’s say you know which song you want for example on nothing else matters guitar pro yeah let’s enter and you’re giving a whole bunch of options for example this one at the guitar lesson calm and you can just press download and you’ll be able to download the tap file really quickly and that’s pretty much all it takes so I hope you had fun I hope you learned a lot and if you are having difficulties using guitar pro then you’ll be able to make the most of it from now on okay so thanks for being here and I’ll see you in the next tutorial bye..

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  1. Is there anyway to get rid of the slight delay with the blue bar when it plays? I’m accustom to watching the blue bar and hitting the note as soon as it comes across the note, but instead it plays the note after the blue bar passes that particular note. Not sure if anyone else has seen this delay or if I’m the only one lol

    GP5 was so much easier to use :/ I also don’t have the same countdown sound as yours. I’m wondering if it is based on the tab.


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