Guitar Tips For Slow Learners!

Guitar Tips For Slow Learners!

If you struggle learning guitar, just know we all did! Here are a few tips to speed ya up!

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They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

not gonna be what happened I was mad your country song teacher I’m gonna go over some tips for the beginner if you’re a slow learner trust me I’m experienced with being a slow learner because I am one was one myself I still as many think it was guitar I struggle with I want to encourage you guys the day that usually if you’re a beginner and you’re a slow learner like I said I very much was one for years you have two things you’re gonna worry about one is expanding your core base growing more and more and more chords kind of in your tool bag that you pull from to play in different keys of a song so more chords and the second thing is alternating your strumming pattern many beginners I hear no matter what side fight I get my pony turn the prongs on the bones and upon the pond that’s the only cool pattern that they starting pattern they know don’t just don’t just playing a victory in Jesus Travis Tritt or a heavy man on a stone so work on a couple of things that you can expand the chord knowledge and we’re gonna showing patterns so the first thing I would do if you’re very new to the guitar use guitar you struggle maybe find a couple chords that you absolutely are super comfortable with let’s say for example use your middle finger ring finger play the two middle strings of the second fret struck the bottom five three four go four strums down then take those two fingers move to the fifth and fourth let’s trim all six it’s like an 85 to a runner so when you start out you can just do down strokes once you get more comfortable that maybe start the strum without the fingers on there that’s called a hammer on so you basically strong strum the guitar before you have these fingers on there and it works on getting a clear sound and put your fingers on there fast so that’d be two chords um my little 8 month old has learned to crawl he’s about to come over and take the camera hold on buddy oh I’ll let that he finish him we’ll play cut that out lose manager cut that so that’d be a great exercise of your beginner just walking on trying to get a little more strumming a little learning about timing strumming is all about timing more than patterns so you’re internally you’re right inside a drum 1 2 3 4 now past that like I said it’s all about learning more chords you know if you’re a slow learner start out learning the G then the see them to D then the E minor so in that order well on G then C then D the D minor and type in Matt Mc. Coy I’m moving my camera all around I just put me in home gym that’s what happen that’s all here I’m trying to dodge my son here Brody man because he’s trying to take my camera hold on so tapping mat boy first four chords but the GE I locked him the two bottom strings there’s a couple of things that stabilize the guitar and also get you used to using your pinky when I first learned I went probably four years can never use my pinky so I like to teach people early on to stabilize that guitar press the second and bottom string and then the fifth and six and we’re after the song played beginning I’m gonna be somebody Travis trip it goes G for two and if my seat you simply move the top two three years down to fourth and fifth so everything else stays the same instead of fifth and six its fourth of it so it’s great for a slow learner or great transition see you say your third quarter gonna learn keep those bottom two locked bring that first finger now press at third string second fret he’s trying to bottom four or five so on that Travis Tritt song for example you’re one gcd two beats per chord I’m gonna piece okay correct that jeez C’s for DS so I was a little off there for days and repeat it so good I’m gonna be somebody one of these days um I’m gonna be somebody on day you’re going to do two beats that deep and then your fourth quarter gonna be an E minor you press right in between the 5th and 4th string with one finger turn all six or if you struggle do that squeeze both your first and middle finger on the second fret on the 5th and 4th string some day for 2e minors feedback to see convince you to seize two days jeez so again watch really close to Roger that’s a great song to learn on and just do down strums and you get more advanced I’m gonna beat you you want to learn that song typing that look where I’m gonna be somebody but the cook the verses are g d oh man Travis Tritt small time favorite I saw the concert that dude can’t play the strings off guitar I saw him in acoustic going concert probably the best concert ribbon to my life he was just him and a guitar and man he can play I never knew how good he was crazy good another song sounds insane he’s all over the place but Travis Tritt be out there you too man all right guys Jeff country song teacher calm follow me on snapchat I did a lot of funnels up there guitar teacher 44 you know please subscribe you haven’t tell me about the channel let me encourage you guys you’re slow learn or hang in there hang in there you’ll get it do a lot of short practice sessions working on expanding your core base working on different strumming patterns with hammer ons timing the two counts four counts that kind of thing hanging it you’ll get it alright love you guys god bless you..

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