How To Play Country Roads On Guitar By John Denver – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

How To Play Country Roads On Guitar By John Denver – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

How To Play Country Roads On Guitar By John Denver – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

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you you you hi it’s James here from your guitar success calm and in this video I’m gonna be showing you a country classic Conti rules by John Denver no no this is a song that every beginner must know alright going from experience of course so this song is key of g major we have G major E minor D major and finally C major now in this song it’s all the way the chord changes was between the basic chords and the strong so really take care between the clarity of each chord on the strumming hand alright so uh let’s get straight on the close up okay to start off we’re going to learn the four basic chords that you may not be aware of alright so the four chords are as I said G major E minor D major and finally C major okay the first chord is G major to play G major put your fourth finger on the third fret high E string your third finger goes on the excuse me the B string right above it I’m going to go to the a string put your first finger on the second fret then fan your second finger goes on the lowest ranked third fifth plus Lulu that’s right that’s the G major next we have E minor to play E minor put your second finger on the a string second fret a string third finger goes directly blue it D string second fret and you’re going to play SEC Springs one two three four five six okay that’s a manner next we have D major picture second finger on the second fret high e string your third finger goes on the B string third fret your first finger goes on the a string through a note g string 2nd fret also and then finally an open D you plan for strings for strings this one you and the last chord is C major put your first finger on the B string 4th fret your second finger goes on the D string 2nd fret and your third finger goes on the a string 3rd fret C major so we have four basic chords for country roots we have G major we have E minor we have D major an F and we have C major now you’re ready to play the roof now I shred onto the verse to play the verse I want you to go to the chord G major which we’ve just shown you right and I want you to strum this pattern I’ll repeat that again and you play that pattern twice so this just make sure that your each note is clear because this song is all of it Clara the corpse to be strong nice and clear so I’m good turn up it is exact same shaman for a manner against trimmer twice the pattern then we have D major and then finally C major five strings remember so I picked that cool sequencer you in fact Aegean so what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to do that whole chord progression twice rent alright so the whole chord progression twice friend you they’re up of it you now what I like to do is once I be able to use stronger pattern you get comfortable dinner what you can do is replace the first tine stroke with a single note I guess it’s worse this year just gives that really nice country freedom we’ll do it again single note for Biden up with each chord doing a single note hang on look chase again just gives that real coffee field first off you can really work on the most important thing is getting out strowman down now if you just started learning the guitar take each chord very very slowly right G major E minor D major see major make sure then fortune isn’t clean so what I usually do when I was learning this chord way back I would I went G major course getting them to Ford’s nice and clean and going together G major E minor G major E minor and then went to the D major and C major join in three chords up together that’s what you can really work on when you’re practicing okay now the course of Cordero’s is very similar to the verse the strumming is exactly the same it’s just the chords are slightly different in a different order etc okay to play the course you’re going to put a G major again from the exact same pattern so I said and then we go to D major you did exactly of strong you in a manner exact seems from and then finally C major the exaction Shawn okay give me so many difference in the C major is you play that strumming pattern once so I’ll repeat that again for you G major D major twice a manor and the C major five frames one strumming pattern get back to the D major you so walked for what I’m going to do is we’re going to play the course and see if you plan on one two three four you you I play the full courser which is the tele the second time round of that course what you’re going to do is G D and then Fanny see so we’re leaving out a minor thus a containment so we’ll just play that way seems Sherman sim Potter only on one more time the wool pattern twice friend you you okay so there you go there is compte ruins by John Denver such a classic country song and it’s a song that every beginner should really know okay now if you have any questions on this video or any other video mine please that like and share this video and if you have any questions on this video I’m sure you have please leave a comment below and I’ll get back here as soon as I can alright okay and if you want more free guitar lessons straight in to your inbox please subscribe to my channel alright you get tons of free guitar lessons in every sort of little niche in the guitar okay heels chords you know rock songs country songs pop songs whatever I’ll be trying to cover it over the next wave so well subscribe to my channel and you’ll get most of them okay so my name is James Mulligan from your guitar success com keep practicing keep playing and I’ll see you soon you..

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  1. Well….I have yet to conquer the guitar even after thirty years of dreaming….but you just gave me my first lesson that I primarily understood which means you must be a great teacher because playing music does not come to me naturally or anyone in my family (just profound appreciation for it). So far I take my only comfort in knowing that I made him a beaded guitar strap when I was fourteen which he kindly displayed in two of his videos including the movie “Foxfire” from 1987. I have saved this video in my favorites. Thank you for trying to help the musically challenged. I want to go some place quiet now and secretly try to see if I can even sound close to this….but my visual art is calling me back at the same time 🙂

  2. I finally found the the chords I used to play when I was younger. In John Denver’s guitar books, they use different chords….I knew if I hunted long enough, I would find my way home…..


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