Learn A Folk Guitar Lick #1

Learn A Folk Guitar Lick #1

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you hey welcome to our guitar lesson I’m Jesse Layne in this video I’m going to show you a quick little folks you like that I’m working on recently I really enjoy playing it I think you’ll like it also so let’s hop right into the close up and check it out so this is what the lick sounds like you can kind of see both hands go at the same time so let’s zoom in on our left hand here and then we’ll move on to our right hand in a minute so what our left hand is doing here is pretty much a G chord pretty much you just got your second finger here on the third fret of the sixth string and then your third finger here on the third fret of the second string and then your pinky or fourth fingers and go on the third fret again of the first string so all third fret and your first finger you can put on the second fret of the fifth string but I like to deaden the fifth string with my second finger there so you’re going to just play this one note and then we’ll get to the other hand as far as the finger picking pattern goes but this is a lick goes so pretty much all I’m doing is running my G pentatonic scale I’m going to pluck mice by G note here and then my G note here but I’m gonna leave my finger there so it’s going to go and the next note I’m gonna hit is here which is my D note so it’s going to go G a G pull off open E string and then it’s going to go from a d pull off to an open B string so then it’s going to go to your a note pull off to the G open G you could even add in your e to D me pull off the open D okay so that’s the first part the second part you’re just going to take this third finger which is a GNote and you’re just going to move it right here to your C note and you’re gonna do the same thing back to G please go back and forth and you can add in your own little fills Oh you so the second part of this little lick here is the a minor chord it’s actually a minor 7 because you’re going to add your G and G is the 7th note of a so that’s a minor 7 and how you’re going to play that is you’re going to put your second finger here on the 2nd fret of the 4th string and then your first finger is going to go here on the 1st fret of the second string and you’re pretty much just going to play the same note so it’s a minor hit those notes and then you’re going to move that up two frets that’s going to be a B minor 7 so a minor 7 2 B minor 7 so a modern add any note you want you know just find out what works so let’s hop right over to our right hand and we’ll find out how to get this finger picking down alright guys so what I’m doing here with my with this hand is resting my pinkie here on the pickguard and which is a great spot as far as finger picking goes sometimes I’ll if I’m playing kind of like a slappy guitar I’ll kind of not rest it but in this case it’s more of a controlled picking so I’ll go ahead and rest it there so first you’re gonna hit with your thumb and then third string with the first finger and then your second string so and back with your thumb so it’s thumb first second thumb that’s your pull off with your third finger down there so it’s going to go thumb first second thumb and then your first string pull off on the third fret and then that’s the second string you can add these notes in between as you wish like that g string there you that’s gonna be a pull off on your second fret with your first finger down there on your g string so you notice I’m kind of using my thumb in between to sew thumb first second thumb pull off by same honor it’s kind of like a halftime field so I’m kind of doing the same thing there with my thumb but I’m starting with that a note instead of the open e it’s gonna sound a lot better with the with the open a so open a string pull off with your pinkie first train open a string again when you move up to the B minor it thanks so much for watching this video if you liked it mug recycle hey thanks so much for watching this video if you liked it click that subscribe button and the like button and put your questions in the comments section below I’m always here to answer your questions for you remember I’m Jesse Layne I’ll see you soon for your next guitar lesson..

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