Learn And Master Guitar Review

Learn And Master Guitar Review


hi my name’s Ian I’m with guitar lessons review. com what I want to do for you here in the next few minutes is we’re going to walk you through learn and master guitar it’s what I feel is the best guitar lesson DVD self study course example on the web but I’m going to give you an overview of why I think that and show you some of the features and the benefits of this program offers so we’ll get right into it the course I’ve got here this is a 10 DVD version there’s now a 20 DVD version available but whatever when I got this course it was only 10 the new 20 DVD version has the initial 10 discs that are in this course plus 10 additional DVDs which offers some bonus workshop and exercises that you can get knowing the quality of this I would suggest that those extra 10 discs are well worth it this course sells for 119 I think now and the expanded edition is 149 so for the extra 30 bucks is probably worth it opening it up here you’ve got here there’s an 10 lesson DVDs 5 gm CDs on each lesson DVD there’s 2 sessions and each session covers a different area a session can vary from about 20 to 30 minutes and then when you pop the DVD into your DVD player the session is further subdivided into subtopics within that session I’ll show you that in a second one I pop a DVD in my player here along with that is the lesson book the lesson book sort of goes hand in hand with the DVD lessons this tied with the DVDs is great because you watched your DVD session or you watch it and snippets depending on how you want to do you’ll see in the video example I give in a second here it’s the subtopics you know you don’t have to watch the whole video lesson at once you can watch different subtopics you tie back into this lesson book which is divided into 20 separate sessions each session relates to one of the particular sessions on the DVD these Jam alarm CDs which are in the box here those Jam CDs go well they’re referenced in the lesson book so what happens is you do your lesson let’s say you’re in session 7 you do your session 7 you watch it you go your first session 7: 00 in the lesson book and the practice song say refer to jam CD to track 16 for this song so you grab your jam CD number two you put in your CD player track 17 and it’s a full band track to the particular song you’re practicing the lesson book right there which it’s pretty cool because it really spices up the same old same old songs that we normally use when we’re learning play guitar that’s a quick overview of the course of what it is how you use it what I’m going to do now is I’m going to go give you a quick overview of the actual DVD screen how that works we’re going to take a look the lesson book as well inside and how that relates to the actual lessons okay so here we’ve got the main menu screen on one of the learn and master guitar DVDs this is how all the DVDs are set up like I mentioned there’s two sessions on each DVD a very professional looking easy to understand now we’re going to go into session seven here so I can show you what’s neat about this is you know ok so there’s 20 sessions on the whole program but each session is then further subdivided into particular new techniques and skills you need to learn right so you don’t necessarily have to watch a whole lesson all the way through for instance here we’ve got by our cords half steps and whole steps notes on the sixth string I won’t go through them all session seven continue down here this is just on my home DVD player so I’m using the remote here you can’t actually see me but so let’s go into this the major scale and I’ll show you a quick little snippet of it so I was watching this that’s what the other day that’s why I chose this disc we click here and here comes Steve into our how music works section learning a little bit about music a little bit how music fits together is one of the most important skills that you can learn as a guitar player some may be thinking gosh just teach me a couple of chords and I’m ready to go well that’s maybe the learn part of the learn and master guitar but the part of when you get into the master part of it so I’ll just jump ahead here a little bit this is the idea of basically how all the videos are but if we jump ahead a little bit here you’ll see you know we’ve got close ups here this is a great way here how oftentimes the show it in this format where you know it shows Steve’s head on the side and then it’s talking about particular bullet points that you need to remember that is refreshing on also sometimes in these situations what they’ll do is you’ll there’ll be a picture or an image or something like that that shows up possibly it’s music possibly it’s fingering for a chord and it that helps out with what it’s doing so this is an overview of how the DVDs look I wanted to show this to you so you had an idea of how it works now I’m going to give you a close up of the the book itself so that you can see what’s in the lesson book okay so here we’ve got the lesson book for a learner magic guitar just really quickly I want to show you how it’s set up you know we were just looking at I think it was session 7 there so let’s let’s find session 7 in the book you’ll see here’s how they’ve got the sessions are set up so you can see that I’ll pull this a little closer for you session 6 is a minor 7th and suspended chords and it suggests two weeks to manage these concepts in here you’ll see on the page it has particular chords your try and I want you to memorize then the music some strumming exercises practicing chords and the key gqv so here we’ll get ahead here to what I actually wanted to show you so session 7 this is the particular one that we were just looking at in the video clip so this section here corresponds exactly to that lesson that we just were looking at in the previous part of the video so after you watch that whole lesson you come and you look at this and talks about the Barre chords on the sixth string like we saw in the breakdown of that lesson major scales and then here there’s a couple of sample Tunes you’d work with and this is the box that right here if you can see this this is so it’s jam along CD two track 17 18 and 19 home on the range that’s the particular song so well you would pop in jam along CD 2 and you choose how quickly you want to play it 17 is the slow version 18 is the medium version 19 is the fast version and you can practice along this song with the jam CD which makes just a whole lot more fun so the whole book like I say it’s separate in two sessions there’s no filler in here it’s all great material you could learn a lot just from this book but the lesson book the DVD videos are really the meat and potatoes of the program but you know the lesson book that they put together is great it’s very thorough great reference material as you progress as a guitarist and I think it’s you know it’s the second strongest part of this whole program so compared to any other DVD course or home study course I’ve seen this book is probably the best put together so we’ll end up the rest of this review here in just a second okay so we’ve seen the lesson book up close we saw some of the DVDs up close back there you know that this course is it’s been really well designed from a standpoint of the lesson plan integrates really well with the lesson book and it builds on you know session four builds on session seven built on session six so you’ll learn things in the right order so not just learning guitar but mastering guitar as they say in the title of this course is really possible you know if you’re a beginner though and your main interest is wanting to learn how to play a few tunes learn you know the open chords major minors bar chords learner magic guitar is going to do that for you one thing you want to keep in mind though is that you probably won’t go through all the sessions at once you’ll probably get to session six or seven and realize that you’re able to play some of those tunes you really wanted to play which is why you want to learn to play guitar in the first place and you may not go past that it’s not a reason not to buy this course in my opinion because the other programs I’ve looked at out there they they don’t offer a straightforward process to teach you basic guitar skills so in saying that if you’re someone who wants to match your guitar if you’ve got you know big expectations for becoming a great guitar player it takes commitment you know this course is great and I know a lot of websites and videos here promote this course as the be all end all and kind of doing that as well here because I do think it is a good course but it’s not easy you know it’s easy to understand it’s easy to follow but you still need to have the discipline and the want to you know practice daily and it’s been thirty minutes on the things that they teach you watch the videos you know if you have to something I’ve been talked about yet but I’ll mention in a second is their online support form learn and master guitar has an online support form that you get unlimited access to when you purchase their product so this course here learn mash Katara it’s got everything you need to become a great guitar player you just need to add the work on the practice it’ll work for you learner master guitar officers 60 days satisfaction guarantee so if you get this get it home work with it for a couple weeks if you’re not really satisfied with it you can request a refund within 60 days after purchasing and they’ll give you a full full refund your smoked guitar I would strongly urge you give this a shot you know two hundred fifty bucks order popular NEBOSH guitar it could be strumming tunes and every thought you strum before so good luck to you I’m glad you took the time to watch this again my name’s Ian with guitar lessons review. com Cheers..

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

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Comment (14)

  1. I was being a bit snarky on my comment as Yankee Doodle is a song you don’t want to hear as once it is in your head you can’t get it out, which is why I referenced Don’t Worry Be Happy as that is probably the worst song ever for not being able to get it out of your head 🙂
    . Happy picking.

  2. can someone tell me that does this program include tutorials that will make a person just as good as the classical guitar players(you know the ones that play the guitar with lightning speed)?
    i mean if the person practice them can that help him become great like classical players?

  3. I agree. I have taken private lessons and I have practiced via youtube as well as ordered Marty and Justin, but feel like there is no structure. Maybe it is me, but I need structure.

  4. thanks for the great review. I am in my mid 60’s and have played chords when I was much younger. I have always been interested in actually learning the guitar and have taken a few lessons but have not been happy with the teachers. They are usually more into showing their skills rather than teaching and most only read tabs and do not know theory. I hope this course will help me as I am seriously thinking of purchasing it. Thanks again.

  5. I actually like Oh Canada. It is a snappy little tune:-) and Yankee Doodle not quite as bad as it could have been Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  6. Ha ha! I just think that when you’re at a party or you want to show someone your new song that you learned, waltz’s and yankee doodle type songs aren’t exactly going to get your crowd pumped, that being said, my kids think I am a rockstar so maybe there is something to it:) keep on strumming, its all fun!

  7. sorry to trouble you,but how come you got to session 11 in just 7 months?
    my friend has the course and he is still on 5th after 8 months?
    did you skipped any session?
    or did you moved up without thinking about the requirements that needed to be fullfilled before moving onto the next session?

  8. SOLD!

    With the bewildering assortment of self-instructional products out there, I was starting to think I’d need a course in choosing a course 😛 Thanks for the info -very informative, and great production quality.

  9. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover
    best acoustic guitar course try Awsomic Guitar Tutor (just google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

  10. the songs are brutal, but I think copyrights keep them from playing anything good. And yeah, as a Canadian I’m not too eager to learn all the Americana (note to Americans your songs are fine, would you want to learn Oh Canada…prob not…dont take my comment as me bashing Americans or your songs). I had Yankee Doodle stuck in my head for 3 days.


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