Learn Guitar From A Video Game!?

Learn Guitar From A Video Game!?

Available for PS3, XBOX 360, PC, and Mac

I had a lot of fun with this game. What you saw in this video are my initial times playing. I’m eager to get more into it. It is instantly addicting and helps you learn fast. Definitely check it out!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

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so I don’t know there’s that dilemma like do I play guitar or to play video games just like what I’m going to do with my free are you even listening to me you’re bathing like while I’m talking to you but yeah I totally have some free time which never happened so this probably is the end of the world for everybody you’re lucky to be watching this video but I’m gonna use my free time wisely in my place to video games I got my hands like copy of Rocksmith 2014 and this is post Ichi I play guitar so I was like guitar and video games like yes sign me up sign me up twice I actually know how to play guitar a little bit already but this teaches you like the legit way to do it so I’m gonna play it and I’m gonna show you guys a footage and my time my thoughts on it so let’s do this whoa whoa don’t do that alright so I’m playing this thing down because that’s what real men do and I got this on ps3 it also comes on Xbox 360 PC and Mac I do believe but I’m playing on ps3 I do not care what you play it on don’t do your whole console war thing guys as long as you’re playing the game right but I have my real guitar which is pretty awesome the game comes with a cord that you just plug into your guitar and then you plug into your ps3 or whatever you’re playing on and then all sudden you can play your guitar on TV it’s like the best thing in the whole world like punches you in the musical face it’s fantastic so I’m gonna pick a song they have a pretty good selection here they have Green Day Deftones they’re more rush Weezer like there’s a lot of Slayer boom like it just keeps impressing me so I am of course going to go with Iron Maiden the trooper and I’ll show you some of this stuff here this is my face you do that in total helps you tune your strings in case you did not do that you can also do lead rhythm or bass one did you lead because that sounds fun it’s kind of cool because as you first start playing it eases you in with stuff like this and then as a you isn’t the game sees you get better it’s kind of adds more notes and all of a sudden you’re playing something that you didn’t think you could I definitely feel like this is a fast way to learn guitar like this right here I didn’t really know what I was doing at first it kind of seemed overwhelming but after a few measures I was like hey man I can do this all right so I’m gonna play a few more of these songs and I’ll give you my overall idea of this game pretty but from the get go I’m pretty psyched on it this is pretty cool holy face stamp rise against clicked one of the greatest bands ever so there you guys go Rocksmith 2014 I give it two thumbs up because I’ve always felt like there needed to be a game out there that like actually teaches you how to play guitar I mean I know how to play guitar but even me like I play it and I’m like I don’t know a lot it makes me realize there’s so much more to learn and it’s a fun way to do it really thorough and helpful there’s a lot of classic rock songs and modern stuff so check it out if you want to put info right down in the info it’s definitely worth looking into and you can pick it up for pretty much any any system you got I hope you guys like this video I’m gonna be back with more skateboarding skits pranks randomness whatever I come up with and I’m gonna go wake my son up from a nap and be a dad for this the day but um my cats over there I’m gonna do a football pass and scare my cat boom nothing nothing on her I’m sorry I’ll let you nap I’ll let you NAB kitty goodbye oh and hours later when I was watching the footage I realized I said put the info in the info bill put the info right down in the info buy info I meant Rocksmith comm check it out it’s down in the info this idiot is going good bye good bye how does the room look hurt here you..

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  1. Just in case your wondering if it works I have been playing rocksmith for a year and I can sight read songs and get 85-95% on average which is really good, the only thing that will take a LOT of time is solos which I’m still learning and you’d need more then a year of practice


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