Learning Guitar?? -10- Things You Should Know Before You Start!

Learning Guitar?? -10- Things You Should Know Before You Start!

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Aprendiendo guitarra ??-10-Cosas que debe saber antes de comenzar!

Gitarre lernen ??-10-Dinge, die du wissen solltest, bevor du anfangst!

Video text:

hey guys how you doing people lose it here and this will be a little bit different today you can find many other information on my website there are 28 years of my ebook there where you can read many of the things that I will mention here and expand in other subjects so we start learning 10 things you should know before you start playing guitar if you’re intermediate improver or even an advanced student maybe there are some things you want to correct and go back in quotes and see if you’ve done it right and you followed the right direction alright here we go is is important for you to know which one attracts you which one you would you’re gonna find out in the next things he should know that it’s important to take every step to completion so these are some examples that are put here we might prefer the electric guitar you might prefer to play with a pick as I just said all with fingers you might prefer classical songs or you might prefer how to play scar rhythm the radio maybe Latin so there are very very many styles of guitar your ear gets attracted to find out what a style is who is the composer or who is the guitar player and having said that that brings us to the second thing you should learn we should have a role model now what is a role model it’s our favorite style of guitar that we like listening maybe it could be two or three smells and it doesn’t matter but you should focus in one or two in the beginning and we will find the course on the guy or lady who is very good at that style and we listen to them we have like a mentor that inspires us for example if you like flamenco you would be like aqua de Lucia now if you or you Thea as they say in Spain or if you like blues maybe you would like Eric Clapton style he’s amazing and he could sing he plays with a pick any place with a finger so this I think that you really want to specify it when you’re starting out to play guitar so finding a mentor is important but first search many styles then find a mentor it can also like maybe if you like electric guitar Steve Vai is one of the great is it can watch there are many other people out there play great electric guitar singers as well like Prince all these people are amazing and you can really find out a lot about them and how much they push the bar to get where they are now they make it look easy but I’m sure and I know for sure that they worked years and hours for that alright so we’re going on for number three third thing you want to do guys this buying your guitar I don’t worry if you already have a Katara there’s no problem I personally remember the first year I exchanged three to four guitars until I found the one that I was mostly happy with now I’ve got eleven and they’re not very expensive my most expensive is about 200 euros but I found out one thing from the beginning if I’m a beginner I want soft tension strings because it’s hard enough for the fingers why put the strings hard tension is not gonna make any sense for your fingers and finding that guitar that bridge is low not too high meaning that the strings are as low as possible to the metal frets alright because then your fingers would get cramps quite often I’m not saying you can’t play when it’s harder you can but it’s much more difficult remember you don’t want to buy an expensive guitar because it might be very hard to play or very stiff and you might need more power to give and that specific guitar example still stretches or it could be too hard but having a soft tension to talk myself attention strange it will really help you to play and not get disappointed that oh I thought the song right when he raised it it’s different he’s been playing for 10 years his fingers are a little bit stronger I mean it’s like he was doing martial arts 10 years and you never learned how to throw a punch so having said that what guitar style did you find out that you liked was it the jazz or the muse it’s jazz and blues there are specific type of guitars if it’s finger style for exam it’s good to have the steel guitar you can play with any other guitar any style of course but in some Qatar sounds better in their style for example classical guitar has a beautiful sweet and metal sound and they’re a bit depressing actually but it’s very sweet to present you get my drift and a flamenco guitar has it has the sweetness but it also has the sharpness it cuts like a knife through air so a huge difference if you choose the style your mentor in your guitar having both the cheap acoustic guitar it’s easier to put nylon strings on it yes because when you put my name in the strings then they are softer than the steel strings but again maybe your spinal dictates that you want to have like Tony among them oh that’s another great guitarist that you can find and learn so many things forever you would prefer a steel guitar with steel strings all these things again you can find them on my website and there are 20 pages of my ebook there just for you guys so you can during these things and more and have fun with it and if you’d like to buy the whole ebook I would appreciate out I see it as a support for you guys and basically I’ve already shown you in the free section everything you need to know to stop buying by yourself but I have about 25 different ticking patterns if you like finger style especially from flamenco used to make it to classical little pieces and full pieces of our compositions and mp3’s where you can listen to just the side note if you guys already bought a guitar you can exchange it or you can wade into it you gather up some more money get a better one that’s how so don’t worry is you’re ready but if you talk and you progressed a little bit even if you’re an intermediate to advanced and you still find out more what were your style us don’t make any of the mistakes I did I started playing with an electric guitar pop I used my fingers so most probably I was good with an acoustic or a nylon string guitar all right so we’re moving to number four tuning your guitar I know you must have heard of this quite often but it’s really important if you don’t change your guitar even if you learn how to play correctly will sound bad so having a good balance sound it’s important you should just go and learn six names of the string which this ways they need next one is the B you can download an app I can put some suggestion here and in the description or you can download on your PC ap guitar tuner no this is not a promotion it’s an app than a good program for PCs that I’ve been using maybe for my fingers that exist too I’ve been using it for so many years and I’m very happy with it it changed to descent that’s how I called it because it goes from zero to a hundred cents that’s step higher as we say so you can learn to tune your guitar and the next thing you want to do change your strings as well again when you buy a guitar and figure out your style figure out your mentor you know what you want to follow yeah and then you have to like tar so you have the right the Chilean Qatar but again maybe you don’t need to change the Qatar with those trips that once you just bought usually they were old so you want to take them off I don’t have any videos on that because if you have a flamenco guitar you string it up this way if you have an acoustic guitar with steel strings there’s a little bow at the end where you push it in so depending on the style of time you guys chose you can search for that to figure out how to do that yourselves maybe a friend can do it but it’s better good learning that you get more connected with your instrument and when you tune it this is an important last note for you once you put new strings on your guitar you figure out how you know how to use your tuning software and it literally turns the guitar for you it tells you up and now Wow 30 seconds after usage from the Kotaro get out of chin when your strings are brand new I got really disappointed with me I thought I was doing something wrong because I was playing and sounded old boy every time no I wasn’t even one month into play but I didn’t know that I have to change the guitar daily or straight away many times after putting your strings so you should be chewing actually for a week baby your guitar until it gets pitch it still strings you to pull up the strings like that most on the land those days and also you get the tension out of the storm reaching it back up that’s prefer or your own preference anyway but I would say just let it tune and stretch naturally so every time you’re going to start playing actually first you have your app or program or software tuner on just check quickly your guitar can do that and here we go for our next and number five alright number five we’ve gotta learn chords don’t hate me for this but when I first thought of Qatar I wanted to be like some teleplay solo on the electric guitar just playing those notes that I heard if I make when they do these beautiful rolls and then they put all these things together but because I didn’t learn chords I couldn’t progress why is that ports are usually played with rhythm technique on the right hand rhythm is so that was the pattern of the right hand through some courts the courts changed only my right hand pattern was doing okay now this is a little bit improved to intermediates toy some of you pick it up that’s cool but that’s not what our lesson Isabella is about now learning chords there are ABCD efg and in between you don’t have to memorize everything but you should in about three months to six months learn the basic ABCD efg chords again you can search about them or you can find them here with sharks or if you go backwards is flat so these are little things that they’re not really theory again you can go on my website I put an example in my book on the free version right there click on my first guitar lesson and then you can see about how to read diagrams to put your fingers on a chord for example the G chord the C chord the D chord all right learning the court nicely in clean and I also have a video here where you guys can see how to practice courts and make them more powerful and strong so the sound didn’t sound but see sometimes you might want me buzzy but when you start out don’t put in effects just play everything as clean as possible through the ports you’ll learn a good rhythm when you have a good rhythm then you complain mentally you can be a good soloist so really bear through it and one last thing about the courts after you learn the ABCD efg I made between make sure you also learn out of all the courts you learn there are sevenths and they’re minors what does that mean this is a court this is an a7 chord sounds more jazzy bluesy this is a minor sounds very sad again it’s an e but it’s a minor so for basic feeling in guitar music we want to learn the basic chords they’re miners and their servants again you can go check in my book I have court diagrams meaning court boat and if you check on Yahoo or Google Images for example you want to learn the a sharp that’s putting the bar as I showed before you put a guitar chord in Google Images for example and it will pop up many versions you can play it as putting the fingers find the most simple one you like and you can see where they put their fingers to learn to play that chord having learned those ports I know I’m stuck on the courts but for me it was very difficult to accept that I needed to learn it was really hard to do that by the way again I will have a link you guys to check how to hold courts better especially Barre chords or also to do where you can hear you can see how to play with two fingers Barre chords having that natural progression down these of mine of this moving more to improve your intermediate guitar you have here an e when you move more down it’s an F then it’s an f sharp G g sharp a so they’re progressing just like the pattern I showed you here before so if you learn one bar for its shape which will make it hard for you to learn you have learned already called the other courts just by moving the same shape or down now again this is not too much spirit it’s just a few things that I really want you to know because through the court constantly number six learn to eat not music not notes taps I stated know your style and you know your mentor you know what you want to be more on the guitar just start reading taps now I’ve got one two three videos explaining how to read taps and in my book on the page here you can also find how easy songs to play reading taps so you can play soil notes just little stuff funny stuff like that but they will get you going on how to read your taps there are symbols on them and taps are much easier to pick up then learning the notes I personally know how to read notes but it takes me an hour until I figure out which one is which because I didn’t study for that it’s just my own style you guys most of you know that my job is a dancer I don’t play guitar for a living but after many years on here I just share my progress and you guys seem to like what I do and I explain how I did it and how I progressed too and we’re learning all together okay our next one is well website you know which website you can find a lot of information but again this is no advertising there is many other tall websites the kitchen after you’ve learned your ports and how to be tapped you go there and they have songs with chords and they didn’t leave you know how to play them you know how to play the song and you read the taps you can practice with the taps and they’re in your finger style or your sewing note for note for your electric guitar or the falsetto the melody in your flamenco so having websites bookmark in a special folder is something that I do often and I’ve got hundreds of websites saved I could put them here but it’s just gonna take forever you guys search and find your own style of websites and save them because information when you find it you should let it go is valuable and share it with your guitar friends put her in our group on Facebook put the common right here and share with people on the website you found that helped you to help at home make sense and we go for number eight how hard to work consider yourself that you have homework meaning if you ever see how some people saying that can teach you to target a week that’s a lie you might learn how to scratch them to time but there’s so many things that you need to go through just this few beginner steps then you don’t want to overdo it but you want to practice practice practice and make a goal that I’m gonna be playing in it here amazing maybe not a professional little blog like able to play my course and sing with it so by studying daily brings us to number no no way to take a break when you’re a beginner guitar even on the 2 minute player you have a great report even the Great’s have a breaking point but we complete for hours because their finger muscles are very exercised and they created calluses here but when you start playing there’s a little pain happening it’s like out is this normal don’t worry they’ll toughen up just don’t scrape them off and be careful after you have a shower on play straightaway when your target is just going to scrape off the soft skin and then they’ll hurt again the next day but we should know when to stop you play ten minutes a day for 2 3 weeks that’s perfect when you first start then you put it to a half an hour and sometimes you go off to another and so the next day you don’t play because there have got stiff and give it 24 hours or sometimes even 48 hours to relax just like doing any gym any exercise of giving the muscle hours to relax consider as a gymnastic exercise that your body is going through if you feel pain or tendons feeling strain or whatever just throw up the hand relax it massage it now let go unknown you know to remove the numbness from it then they can continue playing if you don’t stop playing and you overdo it you will create pain or maybe something bad permanent in your hand but that’s not even the worst thing I believe the worst thing is that psychologically you create a barrier your body will not want to go create energy target practice guitar because the last time you did it it hurt it hurt a lot so when it hurts too much just leave it down and keep on the next day or she played for one month than an intermediate level after one two years and you played for one month non stop maybe you want to take a week off I remember one of his interviews problems here was saying that he takes three months off to his house or vacations without even taking a guitar I can’t imagine three months without playing your guitar but he’s the best flamenco in my opinion guitar player there he lived rest in peace maestro and he leaves his guitar for three once he needs a break so remember to relax and number ten you should never ever give up do look at my channel the date that I started 2007 I was playing for about two years to talk now my first year doesn’t count because I was playing solo note for note ding ding ding but it was nothing if you don’t have an extra sound like rhythm and all that stuff so that first year went down the drain but they taught me many things that I needed to learn and focus on first according to the style and the guys and the people who inspired me to learn how to play and I never give up because music is something that makes you concentrate on it makes you think about it sometimes you even think about an instrument when you’re not playing it when you’re somewhere in just thinking of something else maybe I should try that on that you’re talking maybe I should practice for that then it really can take over your mind and build up a lot of beautiful emotion to play and play and play but if sometimes you can’t go as fast as you might or come be as clean as you like on a port don’t get discouraged but promise you if you practice it you will get there yes finishing off with it’s how much time you put it I really believe you we put out 10 hours will be playing 10 hours of experienced you put 10,000 hours we will start becoming an expert not the good an expert all right so you can put about a half an hour 10 minutes and just play your guitar and have fun that’s it guys I hope you liked this video these are basic advices that you guys have seen as well you can come on our facebook loop I will click the link here and in the description or like my page on Facebook give or lose it and there’s also again the website where you can find out more information and have more the dealer listens to progress if you’re beginner has to explain the note for note I hope you guys have fun I will see you in the next video take care god bless..

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  1. Like your videos so much man, keep up and im happy i’ve found your channel. You made me realize that i like spanish music and i will buy a classic or flamenco guitar and i’m gonna focus on this style <3 .

  2. You seem like such a top bloke. I have been playing since 2013, I love all different types of music, but love fingerstyle the most. The joy I get out of playing my instrument is something else. I love how music can touch all of your emotions depending on your mood. Thanks for your chanel and all the best to you.

    ps may I add hand warmup and cool down to you list. before and after playing?

  3. NEW Video up my Guitar Friends!! 😀
    After many request from you, I have made this Video to hep & guide to the best of my abilities, what to do as a Beginner Guitar Player?
    I believe any level can benefit from this Video & I hope you find this useful, informative & FUN!!!!!! 😉

    Keep on playing my Guitar Friend!

    Thank you for the Love & support throughout the years :}

    God Bless

  4. I’m a beginner and I really find this helpful, all these ideas are things I never had in my mind. Thank you very much for sharing all this, I’m glad I came across this video.

  5. I’m a 14 year old girl. I have never really tried to play, but my brothers have. I want to try it out because I love music so much. I also have small hands and had trouble practicing on my brothers’ guitar. Any suggestion?


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