Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson On Ear Training

Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson On Ear Training

learning guitar beginners lesson

video lessons, designed to teach even the most inexperienced guitar player the basics and eventually more advanced techniques….guitar easy to learn beginners lesson Color of Chords Guitar lesson

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

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one of the most awesome things about music is that all the different chords we’re going to be learning over time they all have a flavor to them a color if you will and I think one of the most important things as a musician that you want to do over time is develop your ear that I think that’s really important and I think you’ll always be a better musician the more and more your ear develops over time but we’re going to really develop your ear through our programs here at the next level guitar and I just wanted to illustrate this back to you how certain chords give off a certain vibe or a certain color for instance we’re going to first learn a bunch of major and minor chords and that’s gonna be our first one of our first goals is going to learn some chords okay major chords are very happy sounding you know for instance I’m gonna play AC major chord here and that gives off a very happy vibe or a G major D major as a group major chords for the most part are very happy sounding and if I put those chords together in a progression like a place C two and a half to a G it’s gonna be very happy sounding check it out I’m happy I’m happy happy sounding chords right whereas minor chords are generally much darker sounding so as I’m going to strum this quarter I wants to listen play I don’t know I’ll play a D minor listen to the darkness B now the happy sounding chord my friends right here that a very dark sound these minor chords listen to an a minor C all the minor chords have that beauty darker edge to them here’s an E minor very darker sounding right as opposed to a bright happy major chord so these groups of chords you’re going to start listening you’ll be like oh yeah I hear that that sounds happy that must be major right that must be major chord a major progression for the most part not always for the most part this is important because I want to dial your ear into these tones especially if you want to start writing your own music which I’ll get you doing very quickly and a lot of chords have this characteristic for instance major seventh chords major seventh chords to me some very um I say uh dreamy very jazzy very sweet sounding for instance here’s a C major seven your that you how nice and jazzy and sweet sounding dreamy that is there’s a D major 7 C they have that same quality right that that real whatever mate here’s an a major seventh again there’s a jazzy sound applies even if I plan like a pie or in like a bar chord formation here’s a D major seven to get it see very dreamy I moved that major seventh very very jazzy very sweet sounding so one of the things I want as you’re going through these and we’re gonna learn chords in a little bit is listen and really listen to the chords I mean listen to them and pick out those happy major chords in those sad minor chords and this is so huge people that because I meant to you about writing music like let’s say people have been do it really well as far as playing different variations and getting an emotion across these guys are like write scores for movies right you’re watching a movie and let’s say there’s a love scene in this movie right and there’s music underneath it right most of the time that’s gonna be a nice happy majorek sounding kind of thing going on underneath that because do you want people to see it and the filmmakers wants you people to be happy when they’re seeing that right they’re not gonna put some dark Phrygian kind of foreboding melody on in a happy love scene but they’ll put the dark sounding Phrygian thing in like a horror movie where you want to keep people on the edge of their seats and whatnot it’s amazing how music can do that right like a car horn a car horn is a very dissonant sounding interval it’s not a nice happy major chord imagine that let’s say you guys everyone hits their car or you hear this who would get out of the way right because I was doing doing yet that Korn you want people that be like whoo so that’s a very dissonant sounding interval that car horn I think it’s a major second maybe something very dissonant right when people hear that be like whoa you know so this is how music and sound works for us as human beings and it’s so awesome because you can manipulate that I’m using word manipulate kind of loosely I’ll be manipulating in terms of trying to pulling the sheep over with the wool over someone’s sheep the wool over someone’s eyes but you know what I’m saying if you’re writing a certain piece of music let’s say you had a really bad day and you’re kind of feeling sad and you want to write this sad thing you’re gonna be more drawn to using those dark minor chords right as opposed to you know if you want to write something a little bit more up being happy you might be more jobs playing some nice happy major sounding progression right so remember as we go through these I really want you to listen carefully to the chords and I’m gonna be bringing this up over and over again and really try to develop your ear because I really want to get your ear I’m planting seeds here we planting lots of seeds in these modules we really want to get your ear developed it’s one of the best things you could do as a musician to develop your ear because then if you have a really good ear it’s gonna help you improvisational eyes it’s gonna help you like if you’re learning songs you’re just be able to hear a song off of a CD and kind of figure out what they’re playing you won’t have to rely on tablature which we don’t want to rely on because in most instances and many times it’s inaccurate so you can kind of figure it out for yourself unless you have a really good source of a tablet or a sheet music and there are good sources out there but a lot of stuff especially the internet it’s flooded because anybody can post it you know pull up flooded with a lot of inaccuracies so I really want you to dial in the different sounds and colors of these chords and we’re really going to develop your ear as we go on oh and I’ll give you one other example another example of a group of chords that have a certain vibe color to them it’s like a seventh chord a dominant seventh chord are very twanging very bluesy sounding to me I get that sound that feeling from friends since here’s a c7 that’s why not like bluesy sound that’s a dominant 7 then what 7 at the end of that chord right and all 7th chords have that for the most part like here’s a g7 listen listen to you you’re not missing that end that’s why very bluesy very 20 noise as opposed to like here’s a see 7th 20 bluesy here’s the C major 7 only one no difference dude sweet and jazzy you see just one note just one no you get to only change the character the vibe of something with just manipulating a note that’s what makes the guitar so amazing C major 7 sweet and jazzy c720 and bluesy right big difference big difference in the sound you’re trying to get across here’s an a7 again you’re that’s why 20 as opposed to like a dark sounding minor chord right that has that real foreboding kind of kind of dark sound to it right so again we’re gonna dial your ear in very strong with our program here at the next level guitar and I will see you in the next module..

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  1. Since they dont do song lessons anymore, i went to the local library(tip!) and found tons of awesome tabs. now im learning the theory through ‘rockongoodpeople’ and the songs from sheets. I think its good that I was forced to make this switch, it might take a little longer to learn songs but you learn a lot of good things.

  2. These free lessons are truly great, please keep it up. People like myself who are on disability with three kids, we can’t shell out the bucks for paid lessons or dvds. And I love your lessons, they are all great.


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