Learning How To Play The Guitar!

Learning How To Play The Guitar!

*What camera do you use?

*What editing software do you use?

Sony Vegas Pro 10

* What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill (like playing the Guitar). I say people waste a LOT of time when they’re not efficient with their practice and they don’t understand diminishing returns. If you want to fast track your learning check out the [Guitar Hacks] guide on learning to play the guitar in a fraction of the time especially if you’re older this can really give you an edge.

Cool Blonde – Schwarzkopf Hair Mask Pearl Blonde

*Where are you from?

I was born in Poland but have been living in England since I was 8 years old. I speak both languages fluently.

Write up:

good morning everyone how are you all doing today so as you can tell I’m still in my room at my parents house and I am just about to leave because I have to go into town with my mom because right if you watch my previous vlog you would have seen at this disaster of my nails I try to take my acrylics off yesterday and that was the first time and the last time I have ever done that because it is completely fudged up my nails so yeah I so hate them right now I’m just going to go to the salon in town here in rugby and I’m going to try and get this thing off because there’s like still pots of acrylic on my nails and yeah I’m just going to try and get them sorted I probably won’t get them redone because I just want to have like no nails for a little bit then I might just get them done another time when I’m back in Vista yeah I kind of can’t type in these nails right now because I got used to like tied in with long nails I just feel like I just can’t type like I just keep making mistakes when I type with these short nails so I don’t really know what to do I’m going to have to try and get used to having short nails again which is so weird because like short nails is a normal thing why would you need to get used to it after I get this done I’m going to go back to your Vista and then I’m going to meet Matt in High Wycombe pcs already they’re working but we thought since Matt is already there I might as well just meet him and then we’re going to go see sherry on and lucre at their house and just hang around for a little bit so yeah that’s basically the plan for today I am now holding my waist line and set my camera’s tripod and I’m just wiping in fact you and then it’s like it’s missed on getting the training advances like um sighs but um uh strange hey guys so is currently the next day so I’m just doing like a quick flash forward so I don’t want to confuse you guys too much because I spoke about this yesterday and the vlog footage like the clip actually deleted so I was like ah but I really want to tell you guys what happened yesterday so basically when I got home and I basically just survived from rugby I came into like through the front door and I noticed that there was like a little slip for a parcel that I had missed so on the actual sniff it said that it was in my garage so of course I go into my garage and I opened my garage door right and of course I just you know over my garage I go inside and I usually do but the thing is my garage door is actually broken so it’s really difficult to actually lift it up so here I was struggling with my garage door trying to get it open so eventually when I got carriage driver and I went inside to get my parcel just like this and I look up and this garage door from above me suddenly starts sliding down and it slammed shut and I was like what do I do I am literally locked inside my garage I try to lift it up but it’s not very easy like as you guys saw even opening it from the outside which is what you’re meant to do is really difficult so when I was in here I really couldn’t get an F to like be able to like a lifted whole door and lift it over my head like that it was so difficult so I was literally trapped in the garage with spiders and Laura brows I was literally freaking out and the worst part was Matt wasn’t here so he couldn’t let me out or anything I was actually here by myself cuz Matt was in High Wycombe so yeah that was a very traumatizing experience I just came in here to like get something so I thought I would undo a little recap for you guys since the clip went missing from yesterday’s well from today’s vlog but yes I was actually like what am I meant to do and then I realized that I have a door just there and thank God that this door was open because it wasn’t I would literally be trapped in here the worst part was my phone was in my house so it’s not like I could even call anyone to get help like literally I would have been trapped in here if that door was not opened so yeah that was a very stressful experience but I went through yesterday but yeah I just wanted to let you guys know so let’s that back to the past so we’re trying to fly a loser’s drone inside and that’s probably gonna kill us hey you can attack you can attach like a vacuum to end and vacuum your floor you leaving bigi where guys sent yesterday I was way too tired to play my guitar and my fingernails are now free of the acrylic nails I can finally play Tammy for you guys so before I finish the vlog I thought I might as well sit down and just play a song that I really liked playing before I stopped playing guitar and it’s called youth by daughter and by no means am i like a prior like I’ve just we taught myself this like last night so I’m really great I’m going to try so bad you’re the lucky one never fear they are dead and they are gone setting fire conscious my thing is that for anymore when I picked up the guitar after not saying it’s like five years what seems like five years I can remember a single forward that’s so hard to stretch now rock game a girl again nah I am now upstairs and I’m just about to take my makeup off so I thought I would finish the blog here I really hope you guys enjoy today’s vlog as always if you would like to see me and Matt learn how to play the guitar again then we are definitely going to be vlogging like our progress of how we learn and stuff cuz I think it would be really cool to like know how to play guitar again and then who knows maybe I’ll do like a cover like I’m not amazing at singing or anything but would be cool to do on this channel if you guys would like that of course but yeah I’m going to finish this look yet so I hope you guys are having an awesome day / night whenever you’re watching this and I’ll see you tomorrow for a brand new vlog bye guys ..

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  1. I wish I could play guitar too .I have been trying to learn how to play guitar for 5 months still it sounds like someone is playing drum or something ..


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