Much Too Young | Garth Brooks | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Much Too Young | Garth Brooks | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Use the G C Am D chords to play Much Too Young by Garth Brooks.

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what’s a good word getting mad here country song teacher now I know it’s supposed to be a woman Wednesday but I just heard his song on the radio I thought man I can’t believe I haven’t taught that one we don’t have any cursing but now we still play the song and so funny I remember now I grew up in a pretty strict church when I was little in West Virginia something but I love this song so much when I was younger I felt bad listen to me because it said a curse word give up my boys when getting hot tough let me take me to a fit and it’s just video they were getting it okay so the Bronx yeah let me finish the video in the Wigan hot tub I did my I did a sunroom here and got a pot tub off my dick so uh me and my two bears swimming every night but uh so again it’s me Angie I’m freaking out I feel look I forgot sagging G a minor D see G and then D before I start the next person I call my house answered gets Chrissie to tell the truth I just can’t see was killed on the card table man that’s a jam Garth is so many jams that’s all time back in the late eighties early nineties man he won everywhere I’ve never seen any water here God what’s up bud daddy I’m ready hey I gotta get my swimming trunks okay thinking good but let me finish give me five more minutes okay hello so uh so four G’s this so how is he a minor which is second or third longer so you see out on the a minor I’m hammering on that four string with my middle finger silver bronze deep note in the seat you see out in tougher tougher and I’m Bronx d2 d2 Tootie’s repeating for juice it’s cool hey my to tell the truth I just can’t see yes she’s with me for geez then 40 matters tell the truth I just then he proposed a g7 chord which used pressed the bottom string and the first fret it’s cool to cap the woman holding arm is long then you go to a see it now I caught a secret see it not in the way so oboe white be careful Bob they go in there a second good daddy finish okay now I’ll tell you I’m done thank you buddy so uh foresees though let’s get longer then go Emani so let’s get along oh gee it’s about rain oh my god you’re up for seeing eyes didn’t know so 1g we keep the bottom to lock press the top string say so again I’m gonna play it full full speed here but at the remember the chorus is see before the G key of B minor and C DV this will harvest to the Bronx got around come my house yes she’s tell the truth I just see Oh damn oh yes so this is a cool song every guard songs a classic I said some do out of throwbacks this week tomorrow I will teach a woman song but it’s a throwback Thursday it’s a woman’s song since today the supposed to be woman Wednesday buddy you gather to rap you say keep it going Wednesday second I gotta do that today’s that this is Restaurant Week in Raleigh North Carolina so my wife and I just left a Capital Grille how’d it go well boo you ready to swim are you ready you punk oh he’s focused you’ll get your swimmies on daddy’s get drunk sundar okay we got ready hot tub time all right guys chair country song teacher calm say bye daddy’s DVDs bye I’ll be playing yay yikes yikes your video thumbs up and I please share that helps sure helps your boy out there and I thank you so much for the support we’ll keep on keep it on subscribe you have enough we’ll keep him Rocking tomorrow we’ll do a throwback Thursday with the woman song you need to say Bob okay holla..

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