Top 5 Things Every Beginner Guitar Player Should Know

Top 5 Things Every Beginner Guitar Player Should Know

In this lesson you will learn about my top 5 things that every beginner guitar player should know. These are important to understand so don’t miss out on these important beginner lessons.

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hey they’re rock stars Eric Andre’s your guitar sage here and if you are new guitar player or you’ve been playing guitar for a while and you are still having issues you’ve come to the right video because this video is going to talk about the five top things I’ve been teaching now for thirty years that the top five things that every single guitar player in the history of guitar players on earth and throughout the solar system should ever know if they’re going to play a guitar okay these are top first five things that every guitar player should know okay I have them written down I’m going to go into some detail with you and I’ll even point you to some other places we can get even more details since this is I want to get this information to you quick so number one you’re not born with talent it takes some practice okay so this is before ever touching the guitar this is not a pep talk it’s truth and if you don’t understand this concept you will I promise you you’re going to fail at guitar and I know that because I’ve seen it happen over and over again and I’ve seen other folks that take this information and they run with it and they’re immediately on the path to success okay and then with practice of course they’re successful and that is you’re just not born with talent there is nobody that’s born with talent I don’t care if you’re Michael Jordan or if you’re a great NASCAR driver or great guitar player or whatever if you take any of these people at some point in their life they were terrible at what they did what they’re doing now professionally every single person there’s not one person you can name that wasn’t terrible at some point even Mozart okay Mozart started early but the guy was not playing at three years old he was playing at four years old so it was time where he actually had to learn so don’t fall into this trap that you need to have a bunch of talent it’s mucky muck it’s black okay she do not have to have talent okay it has everything to do with practicing and having the resources to to do this okay and me I will hopefully be a resource for you okay so if you want more information about that if you want to hear longer talk about that click here my talent versus practice video it will help a ton ok number two your hands are not too small I get this all the time my hands are too small I don’t have giant hands okay some of the best jazz players have short little stubby fingers and they play phenomenally and they can do great things okay when you learn to use your hand on the guitar all of a sudden you will feel like your hand is not small anymore okay because now you’re able to do things but when you just take your hand you wrap it around the guitar neck this is a very unnatural stance or place the way the way you’re holding your hand so it’s not going to feel natural at all for anybody in the beginning okay as you do it more it magically starts feeling better okay I know for some of you you’re saying well that’s a big duh but most of you you’re like oh this is new information to me and it was to me in the beginning okay because it just felt weird and it will and it does for everybody Eddie Van Halen Jimi Hendrix everybody it felt weird in the beginning and as they got the play more they got better and better and better at it you can listen to old tapes of Eddie Van Halen playing and it wasn’t very good just like Jimi Hendrix wasn’t either in the beginning or Stevie Ray Vaughan they got good over time okay so your hands are not too small do I have a video for this I think I do if so you’re gonna click here if not you can click there nothing’s going to happen okay all right so what else oh how to hold the guitar let’s talk about this for a minute because this seems to be a problem a lot and folks are looking for smaller guitars and how to hold the guitar and that sort of thing and you know the way I’m holding it here is like a traditional folk way you could play it more like a classical guitar player would where you put it on the opposite knee and the guitar is being held by your knee and this arm and your chest and that holds the guitar a little bit more steady but it puts your back in a position where you really have to hold it upright and and hold your back kind of stiff and that can wear you out after a little while so once you although you’ll be in a better position to play but once you oh you know once you can get hold of this basic folk position this is a lot more comfortable okay I’m not saying the classical is not right I was in classical school for three years and it’s definitely a very helpful way to hold the guitar but it will wear your back out after some time so what you want to do is you want to take this part of the guitar whether it’s electric or acoustic and put that on your thigh tuck it in bring it in you don’t want it out here you know because that guitars way out there I don’t even you know I’m going to need a passport to get to it so I’m bringing it here now I can look down I can see right there bring my arm over it okay it can be back here it can be here it’s it’s really a matter of preferences matter of preference I’ve seen guitar players you know especially here in Nashville they’ll come out here so there’s all different ways to do this now once this is established what you want to do is you want to make sure that it’s not you know flimsy it’s not you got to tuck that in there and then what that does is that allows this hand to not have to grab onto it like a shovel we don’t want to do that because then that’s going to limit how you’re playing your fretting and that sort of thing by the way all of these things that I’m telling you right now they should all be on if they’re not go to your guitar or go to the unstoppable guitar system dot the unstoppable guitar system calm the link is below you can get in there for $1 especially if you’re just starting off it’s a step by step this is what you do today kind of system you cannot mess up if you want to play guitar check it out and check it out for $1 and get in there and get privy to all my videos okay so if it’s not if clicking here there’s not something there you can definitely go there and even get higher quality videos okay so we got how to hold a guitar basic fingering technique we’re going to talk about this now I do have a video for it you can click here for the basic fingering technique but I’m going to go over it very quickly with you there’s three or four things that you want to be able to do always doesn’t matter the style of guitar you’re playing you want make sure that you’re playing on your fingertips always always always always plan your fingertips do not play on the paths this does not count as a fingertip I’m talking the tips of your finger so if you’re looking at your hand like that those are the tips take a little sharpie and draw it right at the tip and then this way a little dot so then when you’re looking at your hand and you’re playing a chord or something like that even a note if you see that dot looking up at you then you know you need to curl your fingers more so that that dot is actually pressing the string okay you want to make sure that this last knuckle is curled as much as possible you don’t want to like you know have a conniption here white knuckling it or anything but you really want to make sure that you get in the habit of curling that last knuckle because later on when we’re playing chords we need to be able to clear all the strings and if we’re playing on the pads of our fingers or we’d have that this knuckle not curled very much our cords going to sound like this and real that’s not a court at all because I have two notes playing cordis three or more notes so so that’s what happens so that’s a badly played chord now watch how subtle this is a well played chord so it’s a very subtle thing but you’ll learn this okay and by the way your guitar sage calm the free ebook if you sign up for that free ebook you will get my my exercises for doing it and you’ll also get these books for free every time I make them available on Amazon which I do that several times a year so check that out your guitar sage the link is below so we got that basic finger technique as far as playing on your finger tips make sure that you’ve got that last knuckle curl take your thumb make sure it’s on the back of the neck like this as opposed to thumbing and having your thumb over the top of the neck now you’ve probably seen some of your favorite guitar players doing that that’s because they’ve been playing for a long time and as you get to playing more even I’ll do that I’ll have my thumb over the top of the neck okay but that’s because our technique is developed and we can go back to what’s really comfortable which is hanging your thumb over the neck in the beginning you really can’t do that to the kiss of death for all guitar players so don’t do it take your thumb drop in the back of the neck will it feel uncomfortable it most certainly will is it going to hurt are you going to need to call an ambulance nope but it’s it’s going to just feel awkward okay so don’t don’t be a wuss just put your thumb on the back of the deck on neck and you’re going to get okay I’m telling you this because I want you to be successful and I don’t want you to use excuses to not play guitar because there are no legitimate excuses seeing a guy with no arms play guitar really really well I’m not joking plays with his feet you can it search for you know I don’t know how you’d search it guy with no arms playing feet playing guitar guy with no arms playing guitar with his feet and he does it with his toes and he’s fantastic plays a lot better than some people have seen with two arms and hands okay so what else um okay it’s a finger technique bring your thumb down cuz what this see notice my thumb’s up here I don’t have a very big hand all of a sudden but if I dropped my thumb down oh my hand just got huge alright so drop your thumb down front of the neck that technique is going to help a ton it’s going to feel like you’re walking on your tiptoes in the beginning it’s gonna feel really awkward especially when you get your third and fourth finger like in my exercise to in that free ebook at your guitar sage calm it’s going to it’s going to feel really awkward it does for everybody until it doesn’t anymore you do it a bit it’s going to feel great and the last thing is as far as fingering technique make sure you’re right behind that fret okay now last thing is picking technique really quickly let’s talk about that what I want you to do is use the pick rest exercise by the way if I didn’t say already to finger Tek the finger technique basic fingering technique you can go here for an extended version of that or for the better videos unstoppable guitar system calm okay and the basic picking technique so here what you want to do is we want to do what’s called a pick rest that talked about this in that book is you want to take any string it doesn’t matter and what you want to do is pick it and rest the pick on the next string notice the pic is plucking the string and then its resting on the next string what happens at the beginning is a lot of people do this they’ll go now they’ll pick out or they’ll pick down and then out and what happens is they’re coming out here now and then I have to come all the way back and that creates inaccuracies so what you want to do is you want to do the least amount of movement as possible not something to overthink right now you just practice this exercise it’s going to help a lot but what happens is when you do a lot of superfluous movements with the guitar it puts you in a bad position where you have to come back and there’s a lot more margin for error if you do that okay so those are the five things my friend if you want them more in detail like I say go to the unstoppable guitar system if you don’t want good stuff for free you don’t have to do that you can peruse and get distracted by booby girls and and cat tricks and stuff like that all day long that’s fine too but let me help you I’m here to help you I’ve been doing this for like 30 something years I love it I love teaching guitar I love playing guitar I have several books obviously I’ve got a website many websites and this is what I do for a living so please let me help you have tons of free stuff for you I’m on Twitter and Facebook and all that good stuff so hit me up there if you have any questions let me know here in the comments any other place and as always I’m a big animal lover so please spay and neuter your animals and be kind to one another we can change this world one person at a time starting with me see..

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  1. Those who suck the most in the beginning have to try harder, because they have to try harder they end up being better than the average person in the end – this is with everything in life. Embrace the suck.

  2. my hands still don’t fit the guitar lol. but i have a big neck on my guitar. but i am getting better thanks for the info

  3. Folks want the easy road to success. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to give you truth and show you a way to make a success of yourself. Hendrix would not have to practice, if talent carried him. Believe that talent gets you where you want to go and you will never get there. Practice the right stuff, and you WILL get there. Read ” The Outliers” for a great overview and FULL explanation of this.


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