Where Can I Find The Best Guitar Learning Classes In New Delhi?

South Delhi South Delhi Performer’s Collective, New Delhi [CR Park] Performer’s Collective, New Delhi [CR Park] Gurgaon School of Music (GSM) Other details Other details : accreditation accreditation . Yes, the examiner does fly down from the UK. I had given the Grade 1 practical and reached Grade 2 or Grade 3 in theory. Delhi […]

Can I Play Guitar With Small Hands?

Yes. I recommend picking up a short-scale guitar. The frets are closer together, and should make forming chords easier. Beyond that, start regularly doing hand and wrist stretches to increase the flexibility of your fingers. You won’t make your hands any bigger, but you will be able to do more with the hands you have. […]

How Many People In India Are Learning Guitar?

Judging by the population alone I would assume over 1 million people are learning guitar or have an interest in doing so. My advice for anyone who is doing so would be to use an online resource to help learn the instrument. I have tested many online platforms for learning guitar and for me only […]

What Is The Hardest Thing To Learn About The Guitar?

I would say that the hardest aspect of learning the instrument is learning to know that the instrument itself is actually an extension of the player’s musical self: So that when the instrument is in proper use, it is the tool of which the player can adequately use to express their musical purpose by being […]

Is It Too Late To Learn Guitar At 46?

Absolutely not. There are several reasons to play guitar. The first is the most important. It is self expression. Skill level has nothing to do with this. As long as it makes you feel better, by expressing your happiness or letting you get the sadness or anger out, you are a successful guitarist. Then there […]

Can I Master An Acoustic Guitar In A Year With 1 Hour Of Daily Practice?

Within a year of practicing 1 hour each day, I’ve had students reach the point where they can strum all the basic chords, be fairly confident with the basic barre chord shapes (E, Em, A, Am) and play some “intermediate” lead guitar parts. They’d be able to pick up a guitar at a party and […]

What Is The Best Way To Practice The Guitar?

Before I begin, it is important to remember that the guitar is one of the most difficult instruments to play well. Note: I said, “well.” It is fairly easy to play a few songs within a couple of months of practice. But to play them well takes YEARS of practice. I have been playing for […]

Guitars How Can I Get Better At Playing Barre Chords?

Try to practice this for one week or longer until you can do it first try fairly easily: It takes time! Remember how long it took you to learn how to ride a bike or type fast! first three strings all at the same time F note on the high E string C note on […]

When Did You Start Playing Guitar?

This wonderful journey started 1 Year ago ! I was at my hometown during vacations . I decided to learn something new (We have a two and half month long vacation ) so that i could spend my time and not waste it. I had no special obsession for guitar but like normal teenager its […]

What Was The First Song You Learned On The Guitar?

#What was the first song you learned on the guitar? What was the first song you learned on the guitar? MY FIRST SONG FOR YOU: Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton 1. How to play Wonderful Tonight How to play Wonderful Tonight Related posts: Related posts: Related posts: Top 5 free […]